Parking Concepts, Inc. is Leading the Industry in Workplace Safety!

August 16, 2023

Parking Concepts, Inc. is Leading the Industry in Workplace Safety!

At Parking Concepts, Inc. (PCI), safety is our number one concern! We strongly believe that delivering an exceptional visitor experience goes hand-in-hand with providing a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. PCI takes pride in being the industry leader in workplace safety. In this article, we will explain our Target Zero program that drives our commitment to maintaining a safety-first culture.

Target Zero: Our Pledge to Safety

The Target Zero program is the cornerstone of our safety initiatives. Our goal is to achieve zero losses and incidents, ensure the well-being of our team members and visitors, and preserve the condition of the properties we manage. We firmly believe that safety is a personal commitment from each associate, and through continuous training and improvement, we strive to create a culture of safety that spreads throughout our organization.

How We Implement Target Zero

  • We engrain safety best practices in our daily operations through regular safety huddles.
  • We have a safety leader at every location who guides and supports the team.
  • We carry out safety assessments and driver evaluations.
  • We frequently review our program to ensure we are continuously improving the quality of our services and our ability to operate at the highest level.

PCI Is the Industry Leader

PCI  takes pride in being at the forefront of workplace safety.

Notably, PCI’s pioneering Target Zero program has garnered national attention since it was implemented in 2017.

Our methodology and accomplishments were showcased at the 22nd World Congress on Safety and Health at the Workplace in Toronto, as well as the 33rd International Congress on Occupational Health in Melbourne and Rome.

This Congress is the largest global gathering of its kind, sponsored by the International Labour Organization and the ISSA. Each presentation is rigorously peer-reviewed by top companies worldwide, making it a highly respected platform to share experience and knowledge.

What’s more, in 2022, PCI was a finalist for the National Safety Council Green Cross in Safety Excellence award, ranking in the top 3! Here, our abstract focused on a comprehensive three-year study on safety that received high praise from thousands of delegates at the International Commission on Occupational Health.

As a sign of our commitment to safety, we will have a delegate at this year’s 23rd World Congress on Safety & Health at Work in Sydney, Australia, presenting our latest abstract on our safety measures.

These achievements and awards truly set us apart and it’s easy to see why Parking Concepts, Inc. is leading the industry in workplace safety!