Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Fixed Route / Circulator / Commuter Service

We provide several shuttle services of varying operating characteristics to include fixed route transit, campus, medical center and employer shuttles. We are extremely proficient at providing high quality, high capacity, short haul, high frequency services.

In addition, we provide other special services including regular shuttles connecting remote parking lots to employment centers; feeder services linking passengers from train station to employment centers; and services providing transportation from designated parking lots in suburban areas to jobsites in major metropolitan areas.

Our clients include Private Commercial,  Public Agencies and Municipal Cities needing to provide transportation to local residents and visitors to local attractions, retail centers, medical facilities, office etc. Our services are provided in a safe manner, with frequently cleaned add well maintained vehicles with professionally trained drivers.  Our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Demand Response / ADA Paratransit / Dial-A-Ride Services

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires all public transit operators to provide special service to persons whose disabilities prevent them from using public transit. The special service, called “paratransit service,” operates at similar times and in similar areas as existing fixed-route transit. We provide this service safely and effectively through contractual agreement as a partner to the City or Public Transit agency required to provide this service.

Special Events

Group transportation is a key way to maximize the effectiveness of any event while avoiding a number of potential problems. Transportation to off-site events ensures that your participants do not get lost, that the participants arrive on-time, and that group communications and networking are facilitated by providing a stress-free environment to and from the meeting. We design a customized transportation program for your off-site event that is sure to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of the session.

Transit Management

We provide the management team, corporate resources, and expertise to direct your employees in the delivery of transit service customized to meet your organization’s needs.

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