Parking Concepts, Inc.’s platform makes the guest parking experience a Breeze!

Getting Started Is A Breeze.

Our state-of-the-art platform is utilized for on street, surface lot, and gated garages. Look for our QR Code Breeze signage and follow the simple instructions below to effortlessly engage our payment platform.

Scan the QR code with your smartphone camera.
Follow the prompts to start your parking session.
Choose to use the web portal or download our Breeze App.
Ticketless, contactless, cashless... A Breeze!

Benefits of Breeze

Our platform boasts a wide array of capabilities that are easily tailored to meet the unique requirements of both clients and guests. Whether it’s optimizing parking utilization, implementing dynamic pricing, or offering contactless payments, our app provides a customizable solution to enhance the parking experience for all users.

Digital Access

Digital access can be sent to anyone. No longer are paper tickets or monthly permits necessary as we use QR codes and smartphone technology.

Improved Revenue & Cost Reduction

In many cases, hardware is not required. Cash handling is a thing of the past. Our all digital platform results in full revenue attainment and full accountability.

Customizable Capabilities

Breeze has reservation integration, including third party aggregators, and other capabilities that make planning parking in advance fast and easy!


Elevated customer experience easily lets you increase parking time, obtain validation, and have full session control from anywhere.

Park With Ease!

Our secure interface is a Breeze to follow. Simple instructions allow you to effortlessly navigate starting your session and updating your user profile, if so desired. All without tickets, cash or stress!

Dynamic Suite of Solutions

The Breeze platform allows for expansion of services to include digital interfaces highly sought by our valued partners. Contact us to learn more today!

  • PCI's in-house parking app for gated and non-gated locations.
  • Manage monthly parkers
  • Self-Managed | Flexi-Permits
  • EV charging services on the PCI parking app
  • Gate-kit connects any gate to the cloud
  • LFR | RFID | QR | Bluetooth
  • Enables users to park and pay using scan QR
  • Real-time reports and dashboards
  • Data Warehouse | Biz Intelligence