Parking Services

Parking Services

Parking Facility Management

Over the years we have developed unique relationships with our valued clients and the patrons . PCI has been counted on to be the ambassadors of our projects – as parking is typically the very first and last experience most patrons will have of their visit. We take great pride in our involvement and continue our tradition of exceptional customer service, expert guidance and strong financial performance as an integral component as we grow. Our senior management team has decades of  operating experience – you simply cannot find a type of parking operation which we have not managed and understand.

You can count on our PCI team members to be dependable, proficient, and dedicated. We will provide meaningful timely operating statements, expert industry knowledge, market awareness, project visibility, NOI improvement and a true spirit of partnership with respect to your unique operations.

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Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems (PARCS)

PCI has extensive knowledge and understanding of the vast majority of the Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) currently in the marketplace.  You can rely on PCI to guide you through any enhancements in your PARCS or new installations. We work with many manufacturers who maintain a strong presence in your respective market. This is key in selecting the right fit solution to partner with you over the coming years for ongoing support in maximizing your operational efficiencies, flexibility, uptime and managing related expenses. Ultimately, we will work with you to understand the core needs of your unique project.




Parking Lot Maintenance

Proper upkeep of your investment is not only critical to the customer experience, but also to the reduction of liability from safety concerns as well as cost of ownership. Our management team proactively advises our clients on areas of concern and improvement. We work with many reputable contractors for any need your operation may require and even provide some maintenance services inhouse for expedited handling.


A properly run valet or attendant assisted parking operation can significantly add to your guest satisfaction and space efficiency ratio. PCI focuses on the overall arrival and departure experience with a hospitality focus. Our professionally trained and attired team members greet every guest, assist with their needs, provide guidance and look to provide a world class parking experience with a culture of safety. Complete customer satisfaction is our drive!


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One of the most difficult segments to manage for any event is parking. Look to PCI to take the pain out of this for you.

It takes expert management to properly staff and organize your events critical areas – to include traffic flow, scheduling, signage, communications, technology, coordination. etc.  PCI is well prepared for the ever-changing environments that event parking presents and work with well known commercial and municipal clients on a regular basis who count on us time and time again.

Parking Enforcement

PCI contracts with municipalities to efficiently service their on street parking enforcement needs. However, these days more and more retail center owners  are working with us to provide parking enforcement services at their facilities. These patrols not only manage reserved, short term and other designated parking areas, but work as ambassadors to the project as a value add for patrons and merchants alike.  We work with state-of-the-art technology to track violators, photo document activity and provide warning notices online. These activities are highly effective in increasing your space availability for your intended patrons for enhanced center harmony.

Consulting Services

PCI has performed operations analyses, as well as dozens of municipal and commercial sector audits, due diligences, RFPs for parking operators and PARCS equipment, and various other consulting engagements.





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