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Excellence at the Highest Levels

Since 1974, Parking Concepts, Inc. has set a new standard for excellence in the parking industry. From the beginning, we focused on what has proven to be the most important consideration in the parking business — service.

Our team of seasoned professionals possesses unparalleled local experience, knows the market inside and out, and boasts a proven track record of success.

PCI was founded in 1974 by Gill Barnett. His concept was to specialize and focus on the California market while providing exemplary service to patrons and clients. Prior to that time, few parking companies cared much about the customer or what corporate image was being portrayed. For most operators, all that mattered was the bottom line and how many locations could be secured. Gill intended to accomplish his goals and objectives through dedication, hard work and by hiring the best parking professionals in the industry. His formula has proven to be a very successful one with an approach that was previously unheard of in the parking industry.

We have since expanded into new markets while maintaining a strong focus on our core beliefs and goals. As the management company hired to oversee your parking, we understand the need for exceptional arrival and departure experience. We provide the best service in the parking industry via our hiring practices, extensive training and proactive management. It is our job to take the worry out of your operations and we take this responsibility seriously.

In 1982 Transportation Concepts (TC) was born following an award of a shuttle contract at a major airport. TC now manages a large portfolio of public transportation to include high capacity, short haul and high frequency services.

Both PCI and TC are supported from our corporate offices in Irvine, CA as well as a network of regional offices.

We know your market and bring the professionalism you expect and deserve.

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Our clients have the ability to speak with Gill – PCI’s CEO & Founder – or any member of our management team at any time via phone, cell, text or email. Our entire team works with a sense of urgency and are able to assist in virtually any need without having to work through a frustrating bureaucratic hierarchy.

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