Green Parking & How to Make Your Property More Sustainable With Parking Concepts

March 2, 2023

Green Parking & How to Make Your Property More Sustainable With Parking Concepts

What is Green Parking? 

Different standards have been released on what characteristics and figures constitute “green parking,” but overall, the goal of green parking is to make your operation more environmentally friendly while also saving money in the long term.

What Are the Benefits of Green Parking? 

Besides being great for the environment, green parking can be beneficial to your budget. In fact, using more efficient materials, technologies, and strategies will often reduce labor costs, energy usage, and other building expenditures. Another goal of green parking is to utilize all leftover space in lots while incorporating environmentally preferable features. Here are some other ways that going green makes a positive impact: 

  • Mobile reservations & digital payments reduce paper waste while streamlining services. 
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations promote sustainability and show guests that you are ready for the future. 
  • Permeable pavers can be used to improve drainage and absorb more sunlight and heat. 
  • Adding plants will also reduce heat while absorbing CO2 emissions. Plants prevent erosion and runoff while looking great for your guests. 

How to Become Sustainable With Parking Concepts 

The cost of going green can vary, but one common denominator is that your overall cost to operate will be lower once you’ve completed your green parking modifications. 

When it comes to green parking, Parking Concepts, Inc. is leading the movement. We are prepared to assist property owners, managers, and municipal agencies in reducing their carbon footprints. Additionally, we actively seek out partnerships with new and developing green technology providers to deliver the latest enhancements to the operations we help manage. Our current green parking services include: 

  • Leed Certification 
  • Energy Efficient Lighting 
  • Green Cleaning 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 
  • Renewable Energy Technologies 
  • Eco-Friendly Transportation Service 
  • Alternative / Group Transportation 

If you are looking to make your parking operation a little bit greener, or if you need a complete overhaul, Parking Concepts, Inc. is here to help! Contact us today at (949) 753-7525. We’d love to speak with you!