5 Ways to Improve Your Parking Operation

March 23, 2023

5 Ways to Improve Your Parking Operation

If you are a property owner or manager who would like to improve your parking operation while increasing revenue, safety, and guest satisfaction, there are several approaches to accomplishing this and get the results you are looking for. Five specific action items you should strongly consider include:

– Enhancing Security & Surveillance.
– Implementing New Systems & Technology.
– Performing Regular Maintenance & Cleaning.
– Providing a Valet.
– Benefiting from Sustainability.

1) Enhance Your Security & Surveillance.

Parking facilities are one of the most common places for crimes to take place, with over 7% of violent crimes happening in these locations. The consequences from these crimes can be costly. Often, guests will take their business somewhere they believe to be safer. If you wish to create a protected and more welcoming environment, consider the following:

– Installing cameras to deter crime and provide evidence of any important events.
– Adding brighter lighting to make guests feel safer and help prevent slips and falls.
– Placing trained security professionals on location will also lower crime rates and let guests know there is someone there to help if anything happens.

2) Implement New Systems & Technology.

Having knowledge and understanding of the latest Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) in the marketplace will help you to make the right decision for what upgrades or changes to make. It’s important to work with experts who are respected in the industry. This will ensure everything is done correctly and that you have high quality equipment installed. The right technologies can work to make your operation more efficient and help you to avoid costly repairs and downtime.

3) Perform Regular Maintenance & Cleaning.

Making sure your equipment is in working order is important for ensuring that you do not experience loss of revenue or inconvenience any guests. Be sure to have regular inspections to avoid these issues. Additionally, keeping your operation neat and clean will leave guests with a better impression. This will increase the likelihood that they will use your facility in the future. A clean area can also help you to avoid slips, trips, falls, and even damage to vehicles.

4) Providing a Valet.

Having a valet can make guests feel special and have a better experience. Depending on your location, space efficiency and guest satisfaction can be greatly increased with the addition of valet services. Creating an easy and memorable arrival and departure helps to ensure that guests enjoy their time at your venue, from start to finish, and that they will come back again.

5) Benefiting From Sustainability.

With almost any parking operation, your overall cost to operate will be lower once you’ve completed your green parking modifications for sustainability. By adding things like electrical vehicle charging stations and energy saving lighting, many guests will see your location as being more modern, forward-thinking, and future-ready.

Overall, there are a lot of things to take into consideration if you are looking to improve your parking operation. If you need to make some small changes or want guidance for a complete overhaul, Parking Concepts is here to help! Let’s talk today. Contact us at (949) 753-7525. We’d love to speak with you!