Is Your Parking Operation Ready for Electric Vehicles?

July 21, 2023

Is Your Parking Operation Ready for Electric Vehicles?

With the world moving toward a more sustainable future, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming much more common. Because of their growing popularity, it is crucial for parking operations to adapt to and accommodate EVs. This article will explore the importance of preparing your parking operation for the increase of electric vehicles and discuss key considerations to help you make a smooth transition.

Growth in Popularity

Globally, the adoption of EVs has been increasing rapidly over the past decade. With many governments putting policies in place to lower carbon emissions and car manufacturers creating more affordable EV options, the number of electric vehicles on the road is only expected to continue rising. In fact, electric car sales rose dramatically from 2017 to 2022, increasing more than tenfold.

Look at Your Charging Infrastructure

One of the biggest things to consider when looking to support EVs is your available charging infrastructure. Assess your parking facility to determine if it can support EV charging stations. Look into the electrical capacity and space necessary to install charging stations in different parts of your property to determine the best locations and overall feasibility of installation.

Energy Management

Putting in EV charging stations means there will be an increase in energy demand at your facility. To ensure efficient energy management, investigate implementing smart charging systems. These will help you to distribute the energy load, reduce peak demand charges, and optimize charging schedules. Additionally, integration with renewable energy sources like solar panels can also save you money over time.

The Experience

Creating a positive experience for EV car owners at your property can set your parking operation apart from competitors. As the popularity of EVs continues to soar, it’s crucial for parking operations to adapt and meet the needs of EV owners. By understanding the current EV landscape, evaluating, and implementing appropriate charging infrastructure, optimizing energy management, and promoting sustainability, you can ensure you are ready for the growing EV revolution.

Remember, being proactive and investing in EV readiness now will not only benefit your parking operation, but also align it with the changing needs and expectations of this growing market. Not sure where to start? Contact us today!