Why Are Parking Management Services Important for Your Building?

October 1, 2022

Why Are Parking Management Services Important for Your Building?

Why Are Parking Management Services Important for Your Building?

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The benefits of parking management services can be overlooked when you own a commercial property. Likewise, tenant parking spaces and employee parking areas get neglected when you have other priorities.

Parking Concepts Inc. brings the expectations of clients, employees, and end-users arriving at your building (or property) to the forefront. We work behind the scenes to ensure drivers find perfect spots, experience limited delays, and leave a positive impression when they exit your premises.

This article explains how parking management systems work and the advantages they offer. We also delve into the exclusive perks we provide to our clientele.


Continue reading to see what you might miss out without having an experienced team by your side.


The Function: What Does a Parking Management Firm Do?

Parking management firms share a collection of strategies and solutions that improve your current vehicle parking operations. We work with commercial real estate property owners, facility owners, fleet managers, and corporate property owners interested in adopting the latest trends and technologies in this sector.

Our services include:

  • The development of goal-oriented parking policies to help shared parking spaces manageable
  • Install new access control systems
  • Provide valet parking to elevate guest experiences
  • Set priorities for adopting new systems and applications to ensure that you invest in trends that generate profitable outcomes
  • Create hassle-free parking maintenance systems to minimize costly property damage
  • Improve security and surveillance to reduce risks


Handing these tasks to the industry experts allows you to focus on your primary business operations.


5 Underrated Benefits of Parking Management Services

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Would drivers park their vehicles in dingy, unkempt facilities? They are more likely to use the curb than enter such facilities. The same reaction occurs when they are told to use overpriced and overcrowded parking service areas.

Parking management service experts address these complaints by providing configurable solutions to commercial real estate property owners, tenant parking managers, and rental parking facilities.


Here are the many advantages these firms offer:


1. Time-Effective Parking Solutions for Drivers

Believe it or not, cruising around the neighborhood for the perfect spot can prove costly.


USA Today calculated the number of hours every driver spends searching for a car park a few years back. According to one report, they spend 17 hours looking for a suitable spot. Motorists waste $345 yearly on fuel, carbon emissions, and time. The delay can also affect professional performance when professionals start their shifts late.

The problem escalates during peak rush hours when everyone scrambles for suitable parking spots. The heavy congestion produced by crowded lots can add to the inconvenience and city pollution.

Luckily, parking management services can streamline operations to accommodate your growing needs.

Experts at Parking Concepts, Inc. integrate intelligent technologies to simplify the management process. You can use advanced software to track occupancy in real-time and allocate parking lots for authorized personnel. E-payments and automated parking systems are other ways to manage crowded parking spaces during busy days.

These parking management tools can significantly improve facility operations. Due to this, drivers won’t lose time or fuel money in finding available lots.

This way, you can enhance the end-user experience while experiencing unexpected benefits of parking management services. These plus points include having time and undivided attention to focus on business growth and operations instead of resolving car parking disputes.


2. Optimize the Supply and Demand Chain for Vehicle Parking

Do you have unused parking space?

Our experienced parking management service professionals assist commercial real estate property owners and tenant parking facilities in using available space well. Increased mobility and car purchases have recently led to high demand for parking spaces. Your challenge will be to tap into the opportunity by turning your single-service lots into shared parking facilities.

How does a shared parking model work?

It doesn’t matter if you own a hospital, supermarket, shopping mall, tenant parking facility, or other commercial space. You can lend that empty space to local drivers if you have sufficient unused parking stalls. Charging a reasonable price for parking can add to your yearly revenue as occupancy rates begin to increase.

You can allocate a specific number of lots to the public and keep the rest for direct employees and clients. The distinction will prevent overcrowding and inconvenience for everyone involved. Corporate parking facilities can generate a profit by using a shared parking system to fill in empty lots after business hours.

Our experts can formulate a cost-effective plan to optimize the use of your underutilized parking areas. We can also use Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) to invest in technological solutions. It can include parking apps that notify drivers cruising for spots with spaces available in your building.

You can use similar apps to track the occupancy of your parking facility in real-time. Additionally, you may invest in advanced parking applications that enable users to reserve a spot beforehand. That way, they won’t waste time looking for spots when arriving.



3. Automated Parking Management Systems Can Offer Space-Saving Benefits

What if you are experiencing a different problem?

According to Statista estimates, 90% of American households own a vehicle. As car ownership steadily increases, there might come a time when you won’t have adequate space to accommodate a high volume of vehicles. Maybe you’ve already experienced the problem during peak hours.

Instead of buying more lots or expanding your current property, you can invest in Automated Parking Systems (APS). The AI-powered valet parking systems use vehicle dimensions (i.e., length, width, breadth, and even weight) to allocate a good slot for parking.

Once drivers leave the vehicle, the mechanical system takes the empty automobile to an available spot. The cars that arrive at your building are lined up well through the systematic distribution of parking spaces.

This way, commercial rental property owners and corporate parking facilities can pack more cars into the building. Intelligent technology utilizes every inch of space available to fit cars according to their shape and size.

The advantages don’t end here. Property owners can save thousands of dollars in overhead charges if they use PARCS to invest in Automated Parking Systems. The sustainable solution also saves time and fuel expenses that your end-users would typically waste to find a parking space in nearby areas when your building lots are full.


4. Maximum Security for Clients/Tenants

The U.S Department of Justice reports that automobile thefts are the third most frequently occurring property crime in America. The number of cars stolen annually spiked after the pandemic by 11.8%. Ill-intended individuals manage to sneak and steal easily regardless of the location of your building.

Therefore, it might serve you well to take extra measures by collaborating with experienced parking management firms.

We can help you increase surveillance by placing security cameras at strategic entry points. The proper placement will allow your security guards to get a good view of your parking lot and surrounding areas. Bollards, ramps, and ticket posts can create further obstacles for intruders.

The benefits of parking management services include security and protection. A clear and straightforward car park operating system limits overcrowding, negligence, and possible automobile thefts. It also minimizes the risk of car damage caused by miscalculated turns, reverses, and steering by drivers in a rush.


What’s more?


Incorporating automated car parking systems can amp the advantages. It optimizes the arrival and departure process for authorized personnel driving into the building. You can use a token or card system to log in the number of cars entering or leaving your property at any given time.

Autamation leads to accuracy, maximum use of space, and, in this case, a reduced number of security officers working onsite. It can prove cost-effective in the long run as there won’t be any need to hire multiple guards for the premises.


5. Sustainable Benefits of Parking Management Services

Eco-conscious firms provide a hidden advantage through practical parking management services. Creating optimum systems for vehicles coming in and out of your facility can improve traffic flow outside the premises.

It can limit traffic jams and congestion in commercial areas. Consequently, this decreases the noise pollution caused by honking cars and disgruntled motorists. It also means reduced fuel consumption as vehicles will spend less time waiting in long queues to secure a suitable spot. This ultimately reduces carbon emissions released in the city.

These factors collectively result in sustainable and greener solutions for your area. Advertising the environmentally-friendly impact of your tech upgrades and new parking policies can promote quicker adoption by end-users. In addition, it can attract prospect buyers, stakeholders, and consumers who appreciate your efforts to incorporate eco-safe upgrades into your business model.


Our Promise: Why Should You Choose Our Parking Management Services?

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Parking Concepts, Inc. allows clients (like you) to gain these advantages through result-oriented services and strategies. We tailor our innovative solutions around your changing needs to generate positive outcomes.

Our team understands that it takes more than the act of parking a car to supervise commercial real estate properties, tenant parking facilities, and other car lots. You need a flexible game plan to streamline operations. Primary factors can include parking space, overhead charges, security, and other aspects that impact the end-user experience.


Here are the main reasons for appointing us as your managers:


1. Years of Experience in Support Innovative Solutions

Parking Concepts, Inc. prides itself in providing clients with years of experience and full-spectrum services. We have witnessed the exponential evolution of parking trends and technological advancements in the last few years. The knowledge allows us to integrate tried and tested solutions for your projects.

Unlike other startups and consultancy firms, we aren’t chasing technologies and trends to look good. Instead, we focus on selecting concepts that provide practical and profitable benefits.

More importantly, our expertise allows us to identify potential parking challenges beforehand. The foresight allows you to overcome issues without experiencing costly consequences. We can also resolve crises in real-time during unpredictable situations.

The unparalleled support and experience isn’t something you can achieve elsewhere.


2. An Extensive Network for Commercial Real Estate Owners Across California & Beyond

Do you have properties in multiple states?

No worries. We have headquarters set up in different locations. That means we can provide hands-on management solutions and real-time support whenever required.

Our business began in Southern California, but we have steadily expanded operations nationwide. Current service areas include Northern California, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Texas, and Louisiana.

It can be a plus point for commercial real estate property owners that either have or plan to invest in properties outside California. Working with the same management firm for your facilities allows you to create a consistent experience for vehicle parking operations. The quality of care and attention we offer can become an integral part of your brand image.

Mishandled management in any one city (or state) could tarnish the reputation of other regional branches. When left unchecked, the inconsistencies can add up to the loss of consumers or tenants in the long run. You can prevent this fate by working with our experts for multiple locations.

After all, parking lots are often the first and last point of contact between key audiences of the public and private sectors. We ensure that your facility leaves a good impression on anyone who drives into the premises.


3. Trustworthy, Reliable & Scalable Services Guaranteed

Managing a car park isn’t child’s play. You need expertise, technology, surveillance teams, and valet parking for special events. The intricate aspects of vehicle parking operations can overwhelm property managers/owners.

Plus, sometimes, you need to expand or scale back your technological investments according to yearly budget limits.

We take over some of the duties by offering our expertise through flexible planning.

Our parking managers stay by your side from concept to implementation. We also provide follow-up services whenever required. The continuous support allows you to invest in scalable solutions that adapt to the altering demands of your business.

Moreover, we ensure that these solutions come from a trusted source. Our well-vetted team of parking managers and vendors undergo multiple screenings to protect your confidential information. These individuals are ready to go the extra mile to bring the best possible equipment and tech to your parking lots.


4. Effective Communication and Full Cooperation

Parking Concepts, Inc. creates an open line of communication between clients and advisors. Our team will discuss logistics and set realistic timelines for project implementation early on in the project. The insight gives you an idea of what to expect and how much investment you’ll need for your collaboration.

You will receive timely updates on our progress and notifications about changes that may arise. This protocol ensures that there are no misunderstandings about the management service plan.

We also listen to client feedback and input attentively. Our adaptive approach and flexibility allow your suggestions to get incorporated whenever possible.


5. A Tech-Forward Team

Never trust a vehicle parking manager who stays unaware of technological advancements in this niche sector. Without digitization and automation, your end-user experiences for car parks can become obsolete.

Our forward-thinking team can ensure that doesn’t happen. We use the PARCS (Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems) initiative to support upgrades made on your premises. The inclusion of advanced software applications, automated systems, access control, and high-tech equipment can revamp your spaces to meet modern consumer interests,

It can result in a massive uptick in drivers using your paid parking facilities.


6. Cost-Effective Upgrades & Facility Maintenance

Our parking management firm has been around for years. This has given us the time to form long-lasting relationships with suppliers and vendors. We use these connections to secure deals and discounts that fit your budget goals.

We are equally aware of the expenses charged for the maintenance and upkeep of your parking areas. Your designated advisor will keep everything in mind while creating an action plan. They will aim to stick to a budget without compromising on quality standards.


7. Personalized Proposals to Match Your Vision

Our versatile parking management services are applicable across real estate sectors and locations. Whether your parking lots and facilities serve commercial zones, hospitals, corporations, or tenants, we can find a solution that fits individualized needs.

In short, we are the one-stop-parking management service provider for real estate property owners. Trust our team to amp vehicle parking operations for your business to attract clients, benefit employees, and intrigue stakeholders.

Collaborating with us can become an opportunity for maximizing return-of-investments for your real estate and parking facilities.


In a Nutshell

Parking Concepts, Inc. can help you utilize available curbs, facilities, and lots.  Combining automated solutions and digitization helps us provide optimum parking management services. Each strategy accommodates evolving mobility needs of your tenants, employees, and clients.

Customized strategies vary depending on everyday challenges experienced. These factors promote efficiency and sustainability for years to come. It also counters maintenance snags that pop up due to poor planning.

Our experts will ensure you achieve desired outcomes regardless of your end goals.

Ready to revamp your parking spaces? Contact us today to meet our experts!