Case Study:

Pacific Corporate Towers

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Driving Improvement Beyond the Scope

PCI provides parking management services for this premier, Class A office campus consisting of three, 20-story towers. PCI handles all of the parking-related services and maintenance for the 5,000 stall, fully-automated parking facility. The PARCS equipment now features TIBA pay-on-foot and pay-in-lane systems with DSX key card access.

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Always Improving to Deliver More

Upon award, PCI tightened controls, reevaluated the staffing needs for the project, and renegotiated supporting vendor service contracts resulting in significant improvement in revenues, decreased expenses and greatly improved rents.

  • Gross receipts improved by 8% over the first five months of operation and expanded to 26% YEAR OVER YEAR.
  • Payroll was immediately REDUCED BY 4% with balanced staffing and overtime elimination.
  • Base rent paid to our client improved by over 68% YEAR OVER YEAR and percentage rent by over 18%.

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Who We Are

We Know the Market & Exactly Who Can Be Relied On to Get Things Done

Gill Barnett founded Parking Concepts, Inc. in 1974, inspired to provide exemplary service that was previously unheard of in the California parking industry. Through dedication, hard work, and building an unsurpassed team of professionals, Gill’s formula proved to be very successful.

Today, there is no other parking company that can match the experience Parking Concepts offers, including the level of executive experience of our senior management team.

We provide more than parking:

  • Parking facility management
  • Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems (PARCS)
  • Fixed route shuttles
  • Transit management
  • Maintenance
  • Valet and special events
  • Enforcement
  • Consulting

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“When I started Parking Concepts, Inc. forty-seven years ago, I could never have predicted the situation in which we, as a nation, find ourselves. What I could predict was that PCI would always, no matter the times, take care of our employees and our customers.” June 2020