Turning first impressions into lasting profits.

Parking Concepts, Inc. is THE parking  company capable of operating any challenging facility at standards that are unsurpassed in our industry.

PCI’s analysts will make recommendations for the proper equipment and procedures to successfully reduce your operating costs and increase your parking facilities efficiencies. These actions result in streamlined operational efficiencies and drive greater profitability within 99% of our clients.

Parking Concepts is a large and rapidly growing California based Company capable of operating any challenging parking facility at standards that are unsurpassed in the industry.  In addition to exceptional customer service, we understand the importance of cost control and the prudent use of capital.  Fortunately, we have developed good work habits over the decades we have been in business.  Our time proven operating systems, combined with hands-on management, allows us the opportunity to provide our clients with the absolute highest levels of service, at a balanced and reasonable pricing matrix.

And, we do so much more than just park cars.

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Parking Concepts offers a broad range of services:

For over 40 years, PCI has had a highly successful history of increasing revenues for our clients because of our cash handling and control procedures.  Needless to say, PCI takes cash handling and auditing very seriously.  As your management company hired to oversee your money, PCI will be extremely diligent in executing, analyzing and auditing the collection of revenues from the revenue generating facilities.

Parking Concepts understands its fiduciary responsibilities to its clients and takes revenue integrity very seriously.  Unlike any of our peers, we have an active and robust auditing program.  We establish revenue benchmarks very early on in an operation and take every needed step to both protect revenue and to ensure its proper safeguarding.

It is our belief that the foundation for excellent parking service is excellent customer service.  The standard of excellence must be set at the highest levels of the organization, that standard must be meaningful and adhered to.  The standard is conveyed to our team members through a program that we call “Service Plus!”  We believe not only in external customer service, but internal customer service. Additionally, the PCI management team has decades of extremely valuable experience with virtually all types of parking operations and understand the special relationships and culture which is part of each unique operation – we quickly adapt our staff to meet and exceed each projects service standards.

When PCI was founded, we recognized that we were in a very competitive business. Some companies were building national empires. Others were diversifying into unchartered areas. Early on, we decided to focus on what is still the most important consideration in the parking business. And that extraordinary word is SERVICE. The PCI management team is involved in all aspects of every parking facility we see that. Each team member is motivated to achieve exceptional results. We are extremely proud of our reputation and are unequaled in providing the highest level of service, in a professional and cost efficient manner.

PCI is known as a creative company that routinely solves challenging parking problems without compromising service.  Additionally, no parking company can duplicate PCI’s track record with regard to protecting the integrity of cash receipts and enhancing the bottom line at each parking property with a focus on exceptional customer service at all times. An added bonus is that PCI is a family owned and operated organization and will continue to remain so. Our clients have the ability to speak with PCI’s owner or any member of our management team at any time via phone, cell or email. We all work with a sense of urgency and are able to assist in virtually any need without having to work through a bureaucratic hierarchy.
Parking Concepts currently leases, manages or operates over 180 parking facilities serving office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, airports, hospitals, recreational facilities and medical buildings throughout California.  We presently employ more than 1,400 competently trained parking and transportation professionals with 963 working locally alone.  We have the experience of operating facilities ranging in size from as small as 20 to well over 25,000 spaces.  In fact, in the PCI operates many facilities in the within your vicinity in support of your day to day operations as needed.

We also provide shuttle and transportation services for the numerous public agencies and various private operations. For example we valet park over 4,500 vehicles per week at our DFW Airport Valet operation (that’s nearly 20,000 valet parked vehicles per month) and over 6,000 per month at John Wayne Airport! Be assured, our experience encompasses virtually all types of parking operations to which we have provided locations and references in our proposal package for your review.

Parking Concepts has significant experience in managing fully automated facilities in a variety of environments.  Further, we are well versed in and work with nearly all manufacturers of equipment! In recent years we have consulted on or directly contracted the installation of automated systems at many of our client’s facilities. Our process is well thought out and managed. We will typically issue and RFP for multiple bids with a reporting / vetting process to include bidder interviews. Ultimately, you would obtain the best fit system at competitive pricing with full transparency.

Providing service excellence to our clients.

  • Lease or manage any parking facility including Office, Retail, Medical, Airports, Entertainment and Special Event venues, Hospitals and Hotels
  • Consulting Services including layout and design analysis for parking facilities and stack parking recommendations
  • Revenue Control, Equipment Analysis and Internal Audit/Quality Control
  • Commercial Management Operations
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Valet Services
  • Shuttle & Transportation Service
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Special Events
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Providing our clients with the absolute highest levels of service

Over the years we have developed unique relationships with our valued clients and the patrons of our numerous accounts. PCI has been counted on over the years to be the ambassadors to their projects – as parking is typically the very first and last experience most patrons will have of the project. We take great pride in our involvement and sincerely hope we will be able to continue our tradition of exceptional customer service, expert guidance and strong financial performance as an integral component of your unique culture as well. This starts at the very top to the bottom – with our experienced customer service driven associates, team orientated culture, financial stability, innovation and response with a sense of urgency and dedication that no other firm can match.

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