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Parking Concepts, Inc. is leading the movement towards more green and sustainable parking operations. Recent strategic alliances and changes in business practices have provided Parking Concepts with the ability to assist property owners, managers and municipal agencies in reducing their project’s carbon footprint.

Parking Concepts seeks strategic alliances with new and developing technology providers to deliver the latest enhancements to the operations under our care. By providing clients with more balanced options, eco-friendly technologies and the reduction of unfriendly waste released into the environment, Parking Concepts is leading the way to a greener future.


Making Parking Concepts Green

Parking Concepts management and employees practice sustainable stewardship through recycling, waste prevention, purchasing recycled content products and energy and water conservation. Parking Concepts works to reduce our own carbon foot print through the use of soy-based inks and 100% recycled paper for printing, by encouraginge electronic filing and other eCommerce initiatives to reduce paper waste. We provide separate trash and recycling receptacles in our workplaces and parking facilities, promote and encourage company and personal vehicles be fuel efficient, hybrid or alternative fuel and seek to do business with like minded partners.

Parking Concepts provides guidance and support to property owners, managers and other professionals as they seek to increase energy efficiency, making their parking facilities more sustainable. Parking Concepts will take the lead of your operation by providing consistent tenant service and satisfaction.

Your Green Concept Options Include:

LEED Certification
We assist our clients in becoming LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an internationally-recognized green building certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Energy Efficient Lighting
Converting existing lighting to new technologies including LED and motion sensor fixtures, making your facility more energy efficient while providing better safety.

Parking Concepts alliance with Zipcar, the fastest growing car sharing company, places Zipcar’s at the ready in many of the facilities we manage.

Green Cleaning
Parking Concepts utilizes Green Seal Certified (GS-37) cleaning supplies that are environmentally preferable and non-toxic to humans and aquatic life. Parking Concepts also chooses to use paper products that are EPA Compliant and cleaning supplies that are re-usable, recyclable, and sold in bulk or re-fillable packaging.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Parking Concept is a leader in the deployment of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations.

Parking Concepts utilizes solar powered equipment at numerous locations and actively promotes the expansion of this technology in a variety of applications.

Renewable Energy Technologies
Parking Concepts routinely integrates new and emerging alternative energy technologies including solar, wind and geo-thermal energy production.

Eco-Friendly Transportation Service
Parking Concepts is currently transitioning its shuttle fleet to propane or clean-burning natural gas.

Alternative/Group Transportation
Parking Concepts rewards the use of carpool or hybrid forms of transportation services in many of its managed facilities as well as providing free and secure bicycle parking.

LEED Certification
Is your building LEED Certified or considering the process? Parking Concepts will work with you as an integral part of your stewardship team to ensure that the proper goals are set, made and best practices are maintained.

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